# Accessibility

Designing for accessibility is one way we're delivering products that provide a high-quality user experience for everyone.

Benevity products are used by millions of people across some of the largest and most progressive workplaces around the world. At Benevity, we aim to design inclusive products that meet the needs of all people. We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standards (opens new window).

The power of the Web is in its universality.
Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.
— Tim Berners Lee

We think about the retiree who needs a higher contrast ratio and larger font size to improve readability.

Our interfaces text and elements are designed to meet WCAG requirements. We provide guidance on configurable colors to help our Program Managers choose a high contrast color palette.


We think about the new parent holding their sleeping baby in one hand, while using the keyboard to navigate with the other.

We design page flows that are accessible on keyboards, and clearly identify the currently selected element with a focus state.

Cognitive Load

We think about the person whose reading comprehension level is lower due to ability, language barriers, or distraction.

We organize content as clearly and simply as possible, while using language that is easy to understand.

Screen Readers

We think about the dyslexic or low-vision person who uses a screen reader to read a website to them.

We aim to improve the experience of primary user activities on the web while using JAWS, NVDA and ChromeVox.

# Resources

Building fully-accessible products is something we at Benevity are super passionate about! These resources will help you level up your knowledge about WCAG and screen readers.

Learn about Benevity's accessibility annotation best practices
Creating Accessible Interfaces
Creating Accessible Interfaces
There are many things to think about when building something accessible, but here are some of the critical elements that apply to all of our work
Screen Reader
Screen Reader
Grow your screen reader skills with the help of these common commands. And check out the video demonstrations showing how a screen reader user navigates our products.
Writing Alt Text
Writing Alt Text
Writing good alt text will help you design an experience that is useful and understandable for everyone